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We Exist to Display the gospel through Joyful character, community, and conversations.

Joyful Character

God by his Spirit is forming his people into the image of his Son. As a church we are involved in this process of spiritual growth through discipleship. A joyful character is the outcome of discipleship.

Joyful Community

The church gathered is a powerful force. Those who have been redeemed by God through his Son Jesus have reason to rejoice and to express that joy in community.

Joyful Conversations

The gospel message is too good to keep to ourselves. God has commissioned his people to go to all people and nations and share the saving message of his Son Jesus.

Image by Drew Murphy


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Current Series 
Letter to the Romans

Service Times 

Sunday School
9:00 AM

Worship Service
10:30 AM


1717 4th Ave. 

Canyon, TX 79015


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