University and Young Adults

Our desire is to gather university students and young adults around

Jesus Christ in the local church to equip them to become mature and ministering disciples of Christ and send them out to leverage

their lives for the glory of God.

Joyful Community

We desire to gather students together in joyful community celebrating our common faith in Christ as we worship, pray, and study God's Word.

Joyful Character

We desire to equip students with a joyful Christ-like character so that they can display the gospel in their lives. We equip them by teaching them to Love God, Love His Word, Love His People, and to Love the Lost.

Joyful Conversations

We desire to send out our students into our community and around the world to have joyful conversations about Christ. 

How to Get Involved

Worship: We gather together for worship service on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM. (1717 4th Ave.)


Equip: We gather together on Sunday mornings for Equip Classes at 9:00 AM. Equip classes this spring are : Bible Study in Hebrews, Bible Study in 1 and 2 Thessalonians, and Basic Beliefs of the Christian Faith. These classes are intergenerational so that you are able build relationships and learn from older Christians.

Discipleship: We desire to help students grow in following Jesus. Several of our staff members meet with students on a regular basis to help them grow in their knowledge of God's word and call them to live out their faith in their everyday life.

Fellowship: We have a monthly lunch for university students after the worship service to provide a time to connect and get to know other university students in our church. We also have a monthly hang out time on Friday nights.

Community: We encourage all our university students to join a community group. Most of those groups meet on Sunday nights where they share a meal and spend time praying and encouraging one another from the sermon.


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We want to give students an opportunity to use their gifts to serve the church. We currently have students serving on our worship team, as greeters, and in our children and student ministries.


We provide multiple opportunities to go on our mission trips each year. Currently our primary partners are in Provo, Taiwan, and the Middle East.


We want students and young adults to build relationships with older saints and families. One of the ways, we encourage intergenerational relationships is through community groups.


If you are interested in getting updates from the university ministry send 'fbcuniv' to 94000.

You can also contact:

Drew Taylor at or Emily Hinson at

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