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Community Groups

A community group is a gathering of 8 – 15 Christians (not age or gender specific) who meet weekly together in a member’s home to share a meal, discuss the Sunday sermon or Scripture, and pray together.

Why join a community group?

Community groups are designed to help followers of Christ grow in maturity in three ways:


Joyful character 

Community groups are designed to help you apply the truths of Scripture to your life not primarily to be another Bible study. There is an expectation and accountability within the community group which calls each individual to be a doer of the word not just a hearer. This is primarily accomplished by talking through the Sunday sermon to deepen our understanding and to apply it specifically to our lives.


Joyful community 

Community groups are designed to provide deep community where members of the group feel like family. The members should be living life together. Among the members there should be a love and concern for the spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being of every member.

Joyful conversations

Community groups are designed to encourage and challenge its members to engage their families, neighbors, and co-workers with the gospel. Members should invite unbelievers and new believers to the groups so that they experience joyful gospel community.

When do community groups meet?

Our community groups on Sunday nights.

If you want more information contact Drew Taylor at

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